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Attentive Care for Your Eye Disease

Regardless of how intricate an eye disease may be, proper care and management always play a critical role in protecting your eye health.

Whether you’re dealing with discomfort from eye strain or facing a more intricate problem, the care you’ll receive from us will always be thorough and rooted in compassion.

Our devoted optometrists have worked closely with eye disease specialists and bring years of practice. You can be at peace knowing you’re in the hands of professionals with in-depth experience managing and treating eye conditions.

You’re invited to get to know us at our office.

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Eye Exams Matter for Proactive Health Care

At Insight Vision Care Optometry we say Happy Eyes, Happy Life because proactive eye care plays an important role in taking care of not just your eye health but your overall health as well.

Routine eye exams are important to ensure your prescription is up to date and catch any eye problems early. They’re also important tools for identifying other underlying health conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Thorough Eye Health Evaluations Through Technology

Diagnostic technology is essential for both proactive and reactive eye care. It helps us catch early signs of eye disease so we can provide a timely and effective treatment plan that addresses the cause of your condition.

Our investment in diagnostic technology is part of our commitment to providing customized care and preserving your eye health.

Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging test that uses light waves to take cross-sectional images of your retina.

These images allow your optometrist to see every distinct layer of your retina and measure their thickness. These measurements help inform the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Visual field testing helps your level of vision in each eye and how much vision loss has occurred over time. The entire area your eyes can see when you focus on a central point is your visual field. This includes your peripheral and central vision.

Visual field testing is an important part of regular eye care, especially for those at risk for vision loss from diseases like glaucoma.

Digital retinal imaging takes high-definition photos of the back of your eye, including your retina, optic nerve, macula, and blood vessels.

These images help us detect and monitor eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Managing Eye Health & Vision Conditions

Eye diseases and conditions vary widely in complexity. The most effective way to protect your eye health and vision is through early detection and treatment. 

Our caring and individualized approach is designed to support your eye care journey, regardless of your health history.

The optometrists at Insight Vision Care Optometry have accumulated a wealth of experience in diagnosing and managing various eye conditions.


Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve. Loss of optic nerve tissue is typical among patients with glaucoma and can eventually lead to permanent vision loss.

The exact cause of glaucoma is unknown. The most common treatment is prescription eye drops, but some cases may require laser treatment or surgery. While there is no cure for glaucoma, early detection and following treatment plans can help maintain your eyesight.

Diabetic retinopathy causes gradual damage to the retina and is a common eye complication of diabetes.

High blood sugar levels can damage the tiny blood vessels in the retina, leading to leakage or blockage, which can cause vision impairment.

Treatment for diabetic retinopathy will look different for everyone depending on its severity. Some may need laser surgery while others will require injected medications.

A cataract is a cloudy spot that forms on the eye’s natural lens, causing blurry or obstructed vision. There are different types of cataracts depending on where it’s positioned in your eye.

Most cataracts are a result of natural age-related changes in the lens. If there is minimal visual impairment, treatment may not be necessary, but if they affect your daily life, you may need cataract surgery.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects your macula, the center of your retina responsible for sharp, detailed vision. AMD generally occurs due to age-related changes and can eventually lead to central vision loss.

Research suggests certain dietary changes and nutritional supplements such as omega 3, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc can help slow down the advancement of vision loss.

A stye, also known as a hordeolum, is an infection of an oil gland at the edge of your eyelid. It looks like a pus-filled lump or a pimple on your eyelid and may come with pain and swelling.

Don’t try to squeeze or drain the stye yourself. Visit your optometrist if the swelling extends to other parts of your face. Treatment includes a warm compress and antibiotic eye drops or ointments.

Preventive Vision Care

Whether you want to rule out diseases or need new eyewear, our team of experienced optometrists is committed to providing quality vision care focused on you. We’re excited to meet and build a relationship with you!

When booking your appointment, please know that we only accept preferred provider organizations (PPOs). We currently don’t accept health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

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